Brass Beads - Metallic Brown

Brass Beads - Metallic Brown

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Premium Brass Fly Tying BeadsMetallic Brown Anodized (NOT PAINTED) for long lasting color. Countersunk (one hole larger than opposite side) for easy hook insertion

French Solid Brass Beads for Crafts & Jewelry Making - 8mm - 6mm - 100 — Leather Unlimited

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Winston Microspey Air 2

Palmer Chenille - Body Materials - Fly tying

New 28 strand of Baule-made very small flat metal beads; cast from brass using lost wax method. 30 beads per strand separated by small black Venetian

Very Small Flat Traditional Shape Lost Wax Brass Beads

Copper & Brass Metal Prayer Beads - Ethiopia (ME178) - Happy Mango Beads

Package size/Quantity - 50 beads, Bead size - 7x3.5mm, Shape/Style - rondell; decorative, Hole size - 3.50 mm inner diameter, Finish - bright gold,

Large 3.5mm ID Hole 7x3.5mm Bright Gold Decorative Rondell Alloy Metal Beads - Qty 50 (MB378)

Athenacast Metal Beads Round Seamless Micro-Faceted Beads 8mm - Premium Antique Brass Plating

Old Style Brass Beads -Hollow – Shokota Pow-Wow Supply

These seed beads are made of pure metal - not glass! Brass beads, heavily coated with a 24KT Gold finish. Metal seed beads can be used in a variety of

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Ashanti Hand Made Brass Beads With Ellipsoid Shape 7-10mm