Custom Name Tag Patch, Personalized Patch, Biker Patch

Custom Name Tag Patch, Personalized Patch, Biker Patch

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These custom name patches can be embroidered with any name in four different colors, shapes and a variety of colors. The personalized patches are iron-on which are great for company uniforms, caps, clothes, jackets, backpacks & more!
NAME TAG PATCH These personalized name tag patches can be embroidered with any name!These personalized patches are 3.5" wide.They are available in 4 different colors and 4 different shapes.These name tag patches are embroidered on gabardine fabric with an iron-on backing making them great for work uniforms, caps, backtags, bikers and more! UPON CHECK OUT:1.  Select the patch color2. Select the patch shape3.  Enter name to be embroidered4. Enter color of name/border5. Enter font style numberINSTRUCTIONS FOR IRON-ON PATCHES:1. Before ironing on the patch, pre-wash fabric without fabric softener.2. Place patch, adhesive side down, in desired position on top of project.3. TURN FABRIC INSIDE OUT AND IRON FROM THE BACKSIDE OF THE PATCH!! If ironed from the front they will not stick.  Heat iron to cotton setting, press and hold iron for 8-10 seconds on each section until entire piece is bonded. 4.  If you intend to launder the item over and over again, it is best to iron-on the patch, and then sew it to the garment for a more secure bond.

Please view all images on our listing. Available Size: 3 inch ~ 6 inch Wide Made with fabric or faux leather backing and textured threading. Patches

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1.5x4 Custom Embroidered Name Tag Motorcycle Personalized Biker Patch Badge.

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Personalized Embroidery Your Any Text /Name/Number ect Quantity: 2 Pieces for each order Patch size: 3.5 x 1.25 inches (7.5 x 3.2 cm), Maximum

Custom Name Patch, 2pcs Personalized Embroidered Name tag, Sew on/Iron on Patches Suit for Clothing Uniform Work Shirt Motorcycle Biker School Bag

DESCRIPTION, Size: approximately 4W x 1H, FREE SHIPPING in USA All Orders Over $10

Custom 1 Inches High biker Name Tag Embroidery Vest Patch