Dryer Balls - Set of 3

Dryer Balls - Set of 3

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Wool Dryer Balls - Set of 3

Naturally soften your laundry with this set of three extra-large dryer balls from unscented pure, organic New Zealand wool.

White Wool Dryer Balls - Set of 3 | heritageclothespins

Superbee Wool Dryer Balls - Reusable Set of 3

Our wool Dryer Ball Set is a cute and eco-friendly way to naturally soften your clothes and enables you to finally get rid of fabric softener sheets! They even help to reduce wrinkles in your clothing AND save on drying time! Not only do they have a cute flower on each one, but our set also includes a little boho pouch for storage when they’re not bouncing around in your dryer.

Natural Life Wool Dryer Balls, Set of 3

Woolzies Wool Dryer Balls, XL - 3 balls

Hand-felted from our alpacas’ fiber and our Merino sheep’s wool, dryer balls are designed to bounce around in the dryer with the laundry to lessen

Alpaca/Merino Wool Dryer Balls (set of 3) — Giving Tree Family Farm

Hidden Brook Ranch Alpaca Dryer Balls

Locally raised and shorn sheep, natural color ( not dyed) wool dryer balls Wool Dryer Balls From Eweniquely This & That ※ * photos courtesy of Flos

Wool Dryer balls (set of 3 )

Felted Wool Dryer Balls – herdsupply

Pink Wool Dryer Balls Set of 3 –

Woolzies wool dryer balls set of 3 & Lavender essential oil -Combo Pack

Woolzies XL Wool Dryer Balls - Set of 3 – Celsious

Grey Dryer Balls Set of 3 w/ 3 (Laundry Scents Still Breeze