Koplow Games Inc. - Dot Dice 6 Each Of Red White & Green

Koplow Games Inc. - Dot Dice 6 Each Of Red White & Green

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Koplow Games Inc. - Dot Dice 6 Each Of Red White & Green

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Roll out the fun with these Foam Dot Dice. Great for board games, educational games, birthday parties and plenty more. Use for your own math games to teach addition, subtraction, number recognition, multiplication and division. Dice measure 16mm (5/8). Sold as 6 sets for a total of 72 dice. Classroom Teaching Resource. 5+ years/Grade K+. Math/Dice Activities. Measures 5/8. Supports STEAM Learning.

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Koplow Games 12-sided double dice, a die inside of a die, is great for math games! Roll it and add, subtract, multiply or divide the numbers. A great way to practice and understand basic math skills and enhance games and activities. Each pack includes 6 dice in assorted colors.

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Help your child understand probability concepts with this set of quality 0.6 dice in three colors; red, green and white. Each set includes 36 dice. For ages 6 and up. Sold as 3 sets for a total of 108 dice.

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