Model Air Porcelain Clay 1.1lb White

Model Air Porcelain Clay 1.1lb White

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Sculpey Air-Dry Porcelain Clay is a smooth translucent porcelain-like clay that is hard and durable once dry. Ideal for making realistic looking flowers, jewelry and detailed figurines Decorate dry projects using markers or acrylic paints. Clay can be colored by adding oil paints and kneading until color is fully incorporated Air dries – no baking required Store unused clay in an air tight container Safe and non-toxic! 1.1 Lbs.

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1.1lb. Sculpey® Air-Dry Porcelain Clay

Porcelain clay remains flexible and high elasticity after dried. No baking needed, leave it in room temperature to dried from 1-24 hours. Depend on

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No oven or kiln needed - Air dries in 24 hours, perfect for classrooms, camps or anytime you want to create without using an oven! Finish - Smooth

Sculpey Air-Dry Porcelain™ White, Non Toxic, Air Dry Clay, 1.1 pound bar great for realistic looking flowers, intricate sculpting and jewelry making.

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