Pegas Coping Saw Blades

Pegas Coping Saw Blades

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A coping saw is used for cutting curves in wood. But the saw is only as good as its blades. These blades by Pégas are manufactured in Switzerland of high

How To Use a Coping Saw (The Correct Method)

Coping Saw Blade 16 Skip TPI - 1 Dz.

Knew Concepts revolutionized the fret saw world with the introduction of their line of US made patented fret and coping saws. These saws are perfect for jewelers, luthiers, model builders and fine woodworkers, These saws excel when performing fine scroll saw work and when removing the waste between hand cut dovetails. These saws are made from 1/8 thick milled aluminum with a red anodized finish.

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Can't justify a Knew Concepts coping saw to my internal bean