E-Track Fasteners - Etrack Screws - E-Track Hardware - Screws for E Track

E-Track Fasteners - Etrack Screws - E-Track Hardware - Screws for E Track

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The 1-1/2" Phillips Head Wood Screw E-Track Fastener Pack from US Cargo Control makes it easy to install E-Track rails to your truck or trailer.Ready to ship from US Cargo Control.

This 1-1/2 E-Track Phillips Wood Screw Fastener Pack is designed to work with any of the E-Track rails found on our website. The round Phillips head makes it easy to fasten with any common Phillips drill bit or driver. Sold as a 10-pack.

Other sizes and options are available including E-Track Hex Screws w/ Self Drilling Tips and E-Track Hex Head Wood Screws.

We carry a large selection of E-Track Accessories as well as a full line of E-Track products, including E-Track Rails, E-Track Straps, Shoring Beams, and more.

Not sure which E-Track Accessory is right for your application? Contact our team of product specialists with any product or order questions.

California Residents: WARNING

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STRONG AND DURABLE - This through-bolt design e-track fastener provides a strong connection between your e track and trailer. CONVENIENT SET - This

US Cargo Control E Track Fastener Pack, 1-1/2 Inch Hex Bolt with Nuts and Washers, for Use to Secure E Track to Trailer, 10 Pack

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These Lag Screws with built-in washer head are heavy-duty 1/4 in. x 1 in. with a zinc plated finish. They should be used to fasten horizontal and vertical E-track to wood. SNAP-LOC also offers a variety of System Accessories Straps and other Fastener Sets for most every type of application. SNAP-LOC is Ultimate Cargo Control. Fastens E-track to structural wood framing Built-in washer head for added holding power Heavy-duty zinc-plated 1/4 in. x 1 in. lag screw with 7/16 in.

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