Spray Tent Review

Spray Tent Review

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Wagner Wagner Small Paint Spray Shelter - C900051

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Portable Paint Booth, Larger Spray Paint Tent with Built-in Floor & Mesh Screen, Painting Tent Station for Furniture DIY Hobby Tool, 7.5x5.2x5.2ft

Reduce overspray drift with the HomeRight Small Spray Shelter. Quickly set up this portable paint booth to spray small to medium projects such as lamps, wood crates and other home decor accessories. The Homeright Small Spray Shelter provides an area to spray paint easily while limiting the overspray drift on other items in your project area. This portable, pop-up structure can be used with spray cans or paint sprayers like the Finish Max or Super Finish Max.

Wagner Spray Tech. Small Spray Shelter C900051

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Spray Tent Review