Tack Strip, Punched Metal

Tack Strip, Punched Metal

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Metal tack strips are used on the outside backs and edges on furniture to achieve a finished edge and eliminate hand sewing.  Specifics: Length: 24"Width: 1/2" 

Convertible Top Tack Strip 5/8 x 1/8 Front Tacking Strips – Midwest Fabrics

Aluminum tack strip is perfect for carpet installations where water or termite damage is a risk. 40 ft./carton.

Traxx HS-4300 1 Aluminum Carpet Tack Strip (40 LF/Box)

TACK STRIPS 27 - 10 OZ. SLIMLINE 500PC BOX — Ronco Furniture

pack Of 1set) Tack Strips Air Compressor Gun Punch Nail Stud Into Wood Machine Equipment Fastest Automatic Tacks Punching - Tools - AliExpress

A continuous metal strip used for fastening fabric on curved or straight areas. Eliminating the need for hand sewing. Most commonly used on curved

Flexible Heavy Duty Metal Tack Strip (Pli-Grip)

Durable aluminum withstands high foot traffic areas in the home Connects to uneven floors from 1cm(0.4) to 5cm(2) in height difference Punch-free

Floor Transition Strip Walkers Entry Ramp, Tack Strips for Carpet Installation, Door Ramp Threshold, Aluminum Metal Track, Floor Transition Strip

Metal tack strip

This eliminates the need for hand sewing. Most commonly used on curved arms, outside wings, and arched backs. 3 tooth pattern for extra gripping.

Upholstery Curve Easy 3-Prong Flexible Metal Tack Strip Flex-Grip - 32 Ft.

Typically used to create a clean, straight edge on upholstery projects and tacks the fabric in place without the need for staples., Technical

Metal Tack Strips 30

B&M Upholstery Supply, LLC

Premier PFS-4640 1-1/4 Tri-Tack Concrete Tack Strip (280 LF/Box)

Cardboard Tacking Strip - 1/2 - BC Upholstery

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