Uni POSCA Marker PC-8K Broad Chisel Bronze

Uni POSCA Marker PC-8K Broad Chisel Bronze

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Paint Markers PC-8K - Broad Chisel

Non-toxic, water-based POSCA paint markers can be used on almost any surface and are loved by professionals, creative hobbyists and amateurs alike. The alcohol and solvent-free opaque paint covers well, is blendable, dries quickly and can be overlaid when dry. ACMI certified and made in Japan. The PC-7M broad bullet tip marker is ideal for large-scale precision and drawing smooth, curved lines.

Posca PC-8K Broad Chisel Gold Paint Marker

Uni Posca Acrylic Markers PC-8K Paint Glass Pen Broad Chisel Tip 8mm Line

POSCA PC-8K Paint Marker - Broad Chisel Tip, Posca

Product Description The PC-8K broad chisel tip marker draws neat curves and covers large surfaces. Ideal for flat-tints, urban art, sign making,

POSCA Acrylic Paint Marker PC-8K Broad Chisel Bronze

Uni POSCA PC-8K 8mm Chisel Paint Marker Pens

Uni Posca PC-8K - Bronze – All City Graffiti

Uni 1PC Plumones POSCA Paint Markers PC-8K 8mm Broad Chisel Tips Painting Pen Graffitti for POP Advertising Art Supplies Rock - AliExpress

POSCA Paint Marker, PC-8K Broad Chisel, Blue

PC-8K Broad Chisel Tip

ONABANA Uni Posca Water Based Marker PC-8K 3 Pack Metallic Color

Uni Posca markers are famous for the ability to write or draw on any surface including paper, photos, plastic, metal, glass and wood. This pen set features opaque ink which is water-based, lightfast, waterproof and non-toxic. The ink is removable on nonporous surfaces like glass but will be permanent on porous surfaces like paper. They show up well on both light and dark surfaces. After drying, you can cover it with another Posca marker without any problems.

Uni Posca PC-8K Paint Marker - 8 mm Chisel Point - 8 Metallic Colour Set

Posca Paint Marker Broad PC-8K, Multicolor Set of 25

POSCA PC-8K Paint Marker Pens Broad 8 mm chisel tip Multiple Options

Posca Paint Marker Broad PC-8K, Multicolor Set of 25